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About Us

Mistahiya translates from Cree to Grizzly Bear. At Mistahiya, we are protective of our companies and our family. We recognize that our job is to build strong and resilient companies for the benefit of our family, the members of Saulteau First Nations.

Our focus at Mistahiya is to ensure that each business is managed effectively, will be profitable for many generations to come, has strong and transparent governance, provides a long-term benefit to Saulteau, and reflects the values of Saulteau.

Just like the grizzly bear, we lookout for our family’s interests, and what’s good for our family is also good for our environment, surrounding communities, and all those we have connections with.

Team Bios

Mistahiya team member

Shamir Mangalji | Director, Commercial Operations

Mistaya Development Corporation

Mistahiya team member

Myron Snyder | General Manager

4 Evergreen Resources

Mistahiya team member

Alycia Aird | General Manager

Aski Reclamation

Mistahiya team member

Cory Martens | General Manager

North Wind Supplies

Mistahiya team member

Deanna Larson | Accounting & Finance Manager

Mistahiya Development Corporation